Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Gone Fishing!!!

We got a cool new fishing game for play time. We all take turns playing with it. The person who catches the most fish wins. It's a bit tricky as the fish are constantly moving as we're trying to catch them but we are getting very good at it!!!!
  • More Play time photos


We have been learning a lot about 2-D shapes this week in Maths. We looked closely at rectangles, squares, circles and triangles. After we learned how to identify each shape we got busy counting the number of sides and corners of each shape. We discovered that a circle has no corners. Afterwards we made some shape pictures.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Beautiful Robins

  • Have a look at the beautiful robins we painted. To make the robin's distinctinctive red breast we tore up pieces of crepe paper and rolled them into a ball and then we stuck them on. It took some time but the end result was super. Here is the poem we are learning about the robin;

    The Robin
    Little Robin Redbreast,
    Hungry as could be,
    Flew around the garden,
    Crying 'Tree,tree,tree.
    Have you any water?
    Can you spare some crumbs?
    For a hungry Robin,
    Until Springtime comes.

Preparing for Christmas

  • We are busy preparing for Christmas in Room 3. As well as getting ready for Santa's visit and counting down the days to Christmas on our Christmas calendar we are also preparing in a very special way for the birth of Jesus. This morning we all worked together and put up our crib on the altar in our classroom. It looks great! We also put up our Advent Wreath and Advent Calendar. We will be praying for a special intention for each day of Avent and we will try to be extra good, kind and helpful to everyone we meet as a special birthday present to Jesus.

  • Advent Wreath

The candles are lit to symbolise the light of God coming into the world through the birth of Christ. On the first, second and fourth Sundays of Advent a purple candle is lit (each sunday the candle from the previous sunday is re-lit). The colour purple as used during the period of lent, reminds us to prepare a welcome for Jesus during the Advent season. On the third Sunday of Advent a pink candle is lit. Pink is the colour of joy to remind us that we should be ready to welcome Jesus at Christmas. On christmas Eve the white candle is lit to celebrate the birth of Christ - The light of the World.

Book Fair Week 1st - 5th December 2008

This week is Book Fair week. Our class will get a chance to visit the halla this week to take a look at and purchase some of the wonderful books on display there. To celebrate the Book Fair Pete Mollineaux came to visit us today. Pete is a poet and author. He told us some great stories and we got plenty of opportunities to use our imaginations. We acted out the story 'Going on a Bear Hunt' which was terrific fun. Pete even sang a song to us about going to the Zoo and we all joined in the chorus (teachers and all!!). Well done Pete and please come back to see us soon!