Thursday, 15 October 2009

Junior Achievement

Clare from Junior Achievement came for her second visit to us today. Junior Achievement is a scheme where people working in business volunteer to come into schools to teach children a little about the world of business. The programme and activities are very structured and it is most enjoyable. Last week Clare told us all about Robbie and his trip to the farm. After helping his aunt Rhonda feed the chickens and collect the eggs , Robbie and his aunt then take the fresh eggs into town to make a trade. We also got to draw pictures of our favourite animals and Clare gave us some cool photograph magnets to take home and put our favourite photo inside.

Today Clare told us a story called 'Angie and the Carnival'. It is time for the Autumn carnival and Angie decides to make and sell bookmarks. She and her aunt Sarah decide to sell them for 25 cents each. On the last day of the carnival, Angie spends some of her money on rides and decides to save the rest in her savings bank.

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