Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A visit from Sr. Breda

Sr. Breda came to visit us today. Our friends in Miss Tierney's class, Mrs Mc Loughlin's class and Mrs Newell's class joined us today for Sr. Breda's visit. We sang some songs for Sr. Breda and we were all very good at answering the questions. It was a lovely visit. Thank you Sr. Breda!

Halloween Bats

We made these cool bats this week. First we painted a large paper plate and a small paper plate black. When dry we stuck on the ears, feet and wings. We stuck on some googly eyes and we used assorted foam shapes for the nose and mouth. We also decorated our bats with chalk. Our bats have made their home hanging in our classroom. We were wondering if they come out at night?!!!


Monday, 11 October 2010


We went to see Holzklopfen (Woodbeat) today as part of Baboró's international festival for children and it was just simply AMAZING!!! We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We saw a percussionist and a puppeteer and they took us on a magical journey. We saw fascinating creatures and what was wonderful was that even though we were all looking at the same performance, we all saw something different in our imaginations. The figures and creatures we saw were all made from wood. At the end of the performance we all got a chance to follow the path created by the puppeteer Michael. When we returned to school we had a great chat about the performance and we each drew a picture of what we had seen. It was a great day. Well done Baboró!!!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Halloween Art - Pumpkin Persons

We made these cute Pumpkin persons today in art. First we had to colour in all the various parts. Then we cut them out (there was a lot of cutting out to do!!!). Then we had to put  all the bits of our pumpkin person together on a large piece of paper and we decorated the background. They turned out great. Have a look!!

New Markings on our school yard

We all got a lovely surprise this morning when we arrived into school to see all the new markings on our yard. We couldn't wait to go outside and play!! We had PE outside today and made full use of the new markings. There's a colourful new Hopscotch, a giant Snakes and Ladders and a giant Snake number line (1-20) to name just a few things. There's also a line where we have to balance, and certain spots where we have to run along, jump or hop. They are really fun activities and help tp keep us fit too. We just love our new playground!!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Junior Achievement

Amy from Junior Achievement came for her first visit to us today. Junior Achievement is a scheme where people studying business or working in the business  environment volunteer to come into schools to teach children a little about the world of business. The programme and activities are very structured and it is most enjoyable. Amy told us a lovely story about a farm today and afterwards we drew our favourite farm animal. We also got a lovely magnetic photo frame to bring home. Amy will be back again next week - we can't wait!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Clay Hedgehogs

Harry the Hedgehog
We made these hedgehogs out of clay. They were really great fun to make. First teacher gave each of us some clay and we had to throw and bang the clay down on the table to remove all the air pockets.Then we moulded our clay into the shape of a hedgehog. We stuck match sticks into the clay and then left it to dry completely for a few days. Lastly we painted our hedgehogs brown.


We made these cool hedgehogs last week. First we coloured in the leaves using 'autumn' colours. Then we coloured in our hedgehog. Next we stuck on match sticks to make the spines. And finally we painted the 'spines' brown.

A Nature Walk with our friends in Miss Comer's class

We went on a nature walk with our friends in Miss Comer's Senior Infant class recently. We have been learning a lot about Autumn in class and on our walk we observed many of the signs of Autumn. In particular we saw the changes in the colours of the leaves (we saw lovely shades of red. orange, yellow and brown) and noted how many leaves were beginning to fall down and wither. We also looked out for any remaining swallows before their long trip back to Africa before the Winter comes. We saw plenty of seagulls as our school is near the sea. We also collected some conkers, horse chestnut leaves, ash leaves (and helicopters of course!!) and some blackberries. We were on the look out for some hedgehogs too but decided that day time isn't the best time to go looking for hedgehogs as they are nocturnal animals and much prefer to come out at night!!