Monday, 30 May 2011

Planting peas - Friday, 27th May

On Friday we planted some garden peas. Teacher gave each of us a pot and we placed some soil in it. Then we made a few holes in the soil with our fingers and dropped the peas into them. Next, we covered the peas with more soil. We watered them well and we will take good care of them until it is time to bring them home and then we can plant them in our gardens at home - we will never be short of peas again!!!

See how our caterpillars have grown!!

Have a look at how our caterpillars have grown. This video of our caterpillars was taken last week and since then all our caterpillars have made their cocoons and we put them into our butterfly garden today. We also gave each caterpillar a name.


We love working in pairs and often for Irish each day we work together in pairs and perform little role plays based on whtever topic we are covering in Irish that particular week. Here the topic is wishing someone a happy birthday and giving them a present.

May is Mary's Month

As the month of May is a special month we coloured these beautiful pictures of Our Lady. We are also taking great care of our altar in class and we say some special prayers to our Lady for the month of May.

More Hip-hop dancing

We had another hip-hop dancing lesson with Fabianne and had a wonderful time dancing our hearts out!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hip Hop Dancing

We were so excited today when our class had a hip-hop dancing class with Fabiane. It was super fun and we really enjoyed every minute of it!!! Have a look at us in action!! We can't wait for our next lesson next week. Many thanks to Fabiane!

Summer suns

We made these bright summer suns in art recently. They took a lot of work but the end result was superb!! First we sponge painted a large paper plate and the sun's rays using orange and yellow paint. We cut out the rays when dry and stuck them on to the sun. Next, we made some eyes and a mouth for our sun and stuck them on. We used foam pieces for the nose. We also decorated the rays of the sun with glitter.

Literacy activities

Here we are during some of our Literacy activities. We are playing word bingo, word and picture lotto and alphabet bingo. Some of us are also working on the computer.

Heavy and Light

In Maths we have been learning about heavy and light. Before we used the balancing scales teacher asked us to lift certain items in each of our hands and we had to compare the weights of the two and say which felt the heaviest and which felt the lightest. Have a look at us. Then we used the balancing scales and we had to compare the weight of two items also. We had to guess first which item we thought would be the heaviest. The heavier item went down on the scales and the lighter item went up.We loved using the balancing scales!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ancient Egypt

We are learning all about ancient Egypt at present and we had a great discussion today about Tutankhamun. It was hard to believe that he became king (or pharoh) of all of Egypt at only 8 years of age, especially considering that most of us are 6 now!!! Teacher showed us a slideshow of some pictures she had of all the real artifacts that were found in his pyramid a long time ago. We also had a look inside a tomb and we got to prepare a mummy for burial in one of the activities!! We looked at our alphabet and compared it with  Egyptian hieroglyphics. We saw that the ancient Egyptians used pictures of objects, people and animals to write down their language. We also got a chance to crack an ancient Egyptian code (which we managed to do successfully!!). Please check out the top link called Egypt on Miss Flaherty's class page for some more wonderful activities about ancient Egypt.

Five very hungry caterpillars!!

Five very hungry caterpillars arrived in our room today (Tuesday, 10th May). They came all the way from the UK. We were SO excited to see them. They came in a special container with lots of airholes so that they can breathe. They are really tiny now (about the length of a finger nail!!) but we expect that they will get much bigger over the coming weeks.  We don't have to feed them as they have special food in the container to eat. We learned all about the lifecycle of the butterfly today and teacher told us the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We also saw the video of it which was terrific and we learned a song about a butterfly. Please check out our Butterfly page (on the front page of our school website) for some wonderful related activities. You will also be able to find the video of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' there.

Some photos and video footage of our Easter Egg Hunt

Teacher had a great surprise for us on the day of the Easter Holidays. She told us that the Easter Bunny had helped her to hide lots of little Easter eggs all around our Junior yard. We had to go hunting for them. Our friends in Mrs Newell's class joined us as well as some of our friends in Mrs Geraghty's class. Teacher and Margaret had a basket and when we found an egg we placed it in the basket. When all the eggs were found we shared them out evenly amongst all of us. We also had a disco in the halla that day and a super Easter Party!!