Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring Nature Walk - Monday, 5th March

We have been learning all about Spring and the signs of Spring all around us, so as it was a lovely sunny day today, we decided to go on a Nature walk. We were very good 'detectives' and spotted lots of signs of Spring.

Our wonderful class.

Looking at the buds.
More buds!!!
The bark of the tree is very rough.
A bud almost open.

Look at the wing span of the crow!!!
Teacher it's a bee!!!
We were AMAZED at the size of the branch this bird had in its beak in order to build its nest.

A patch of beautiful daffodils.
We are all great friends.

We watched the birds for ages busily going to and fro gathering twigs and moss to build their nests. They are particularly busy at the moment!!

We had wonderful fun running in the pitch after our Nature Walk!!!

Christina is a student teacher from Spain who is spending a few weeks in our class with us. She told us that in Spain, as children, they used to put flowers in their hair, when they came up in Spring, so we tried it out. Don't they look pretty!!!

We learned recently that a bungalow has no upstairs, so we were very clever to spot these bungalows straight away today!!

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