Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Marvellous Monkeys

After reading 'Monkey Puzzle' in class we made these marvellous monkeys.

Being creative at Play Time

 Look teacher, I made a trampoline!!!!

Look at our invention!!!

Animal Life cycles

Today we learned all about the life cycle of a chicken.

 We then completed this cut out activity where we had to remember the stages in sequence.
We also learned about the life cycle of a frog recently.

 We sequenced the stages from frogspawn to frog.
 We made these cute frogs.

Intensive Literacy lessons

We have begun Intensive Literacy lessons with Miss Linnane, Miss Kearney, Mrs Daly and Miss Flaherty. Each day from 11.30am to 12.30pm we work together in groups and we do various literacy activities (phonics, reading and writing). We are really enjoying these activities and love getting a new and interesting book each day to read in class and at home. Our class wants to say a big THANK YOU to all the teachers involved.

Dancing with Cyber Coach

Cyber Coach
We are trying this site out in school. It is wonderful fun and we are really enjoying using it.
You can try it at home too for a week!

We are trying this site out in school.
You can try it at home too for a week!
(Our password for this week is caitriona)

Making a lever - meet wag the dog!!!!

As part of our lesson on pushes and pulls (forces) we made these dog levers. The dog sticks out its tongue when you wag its tail.. We  learned that when you push or pull one part of a lever you make a push or pull on another part in the opposite direction.

Planting Sunflower seeds

We have been learning all about growing plants and seeds and the conditions necessary for growth. We know that plants need sun, soil and water to grow. We decided to plant some sunflower seeds. We will take good care of them and watch them grow.