Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Our trip to the Town Hall to see 'Little Red Riding Hood' as part of Baboró's children's festival

We went to see a quite unusual production  and interpretation of 'Little Red Riding Hood' last week. There were two actors in the play throughout, and they  took turns at playing both the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.They had only a few props on stage, and they made wonderful use of the props they had, and managed to bring the story to life with ease. We enjoyed the energy of the show and the clever use of lighting throughout. We also enjoyed travelling on the bus with all our friends, both to and from the venue. It was a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A lovely photo of our class

Maths - patterns

We are working on patterns at the moment in Maths. We had to be great detectives today, and work out and finish the patterns, teacher had on the board. We also worked with pegs and peg boards, and links, and we had to copy the patterns we saw. Tomorrow we will be making up our own patterns. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Writing our letters on our new boards

We got new magnetic boards recently and we each have a board to practise writing our letters and numbers on , each day. We love writing on the boards and teacher says that we are doing lovely work. Well done us!!!

Autumn Nature Walk

We went on a nature walk on Friday to observe signs of autumn. It was a lovely day also. We collected some horse-chestnut leaves (there weren't any conkers yet!!), ash leaves and sycamore leaves. When we returned to class we made leaf rubbings, using autumn colours. This was great fun. They turned out great!!

Our Hedgehogs

We made these hedgehogs last week. First we painted the hedgehog, then the background (taking care to use autumn colours for the leaves). When it was completely dry we stuck on some pasta for the spines. They turned out great!!!


We do hurling every Monday with Timmy. We really enjoy it and we are getting very good at the sport.