Wednesday, 5 February 2014

As part of the work we are doing for our school's next Green Flag, we had a visit today from Kevin.
He works for the Irish Fisheries Board.
He gave us a wonderful talk.
He talked to us about the water cycle, about conserving water and about how people animals and fish like clean water rather than polluted water.
We learned all about different kinds of animals, fish and insects that make the Irish waterways their home.
We also learned all about how salmon lay eggs and the wonderful job that the fisheries board do in  helping keep the salmon numbers in Ireland constant.
We are going to continue to take great care not to waste water and not to throw our rubbish anywhere except in bins!
Thank you Kevin for such a great talk.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Saint Brigid Brings the Spring!!!

We learned all about St. Brigid and how she was so good and kind to the poor. She wanted some land to build a church, so that the people would have somewhere to go to, to talk to God. She approached the Chieftian to ask him for some land to build a church on, but he was rather mean (he had never heard about the love of God) and he decided to play a trick on poor St. Brigid. He said that he would give her the amount of land that her cloak would cover. St. Brigid placed her cloak on the ground and at first it didn't cover much land at all!!! The Chieftian began to laugh and laugh. Poor St. Brigid didn't know what to do and her heart sank. Then suddenly something miraculous began to happen - her cloak began to spread out and grow and grow!!!. Now it was Brigid's turn to laugh!!. The Chieftian went as white as a ghost and begged her to shout 'stop.' She did, but only when she had plenty of land to build the church on. 
We learned a lovely song about this story and we also made up our own poem about the story. We made a St. Brigid's cross using 4 strips of paper and we filled in her cloak using coloured paper to create a patchwork effect. 

Activity Time!!

We love Maths and English activity time. Today, for Maths activity time, we were copying pattern cards. It had to look exactly like the pattern on the card when we were finished!!. Teacher said that we were AMAZING at it!!!

We were also working in pairs, during our computer time,  on Literacy activities on the computer and I.W. We had to read a story and then work through various literacy activities based on the story. 

Chinese Lanterns

We made these lanterns using paper, to celebrate Chinese New Year. We also decorated them beautifully!


We learned about Africa recently, particularly about a country in Africa called Zambia. We looked at various powerpoints about African animals, food, clothes, schools, homes, farming, water and customs. We read some African stories. We made some African huts in Art and they turned out great!! We also made the Zambian flag. 

3-D Shape

We have been learning all about different 3-D shapes in Maths, particularly cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres, pyramids, square pyramids, triangular pyramids, triangular prisms etc. We can count the faces, corners (or vertices), and sides of each shape and have experimented with which 3-d shapes can or can't roll. The shapes without any corners can roll easily.We also are very good at identifying different 3-d shapes in the environment.  We love playing a shape game in class, where teacher puts a selection of 3-d shapes in a bag and describes its properties (e.g. it has 6 faces and all of them are squares, 12 sides and 8 corners) and we have to guess the shape teacher is talking about. We also take turns describing a shape from the bag (which we can feel but cannot see!!!) and the rest of the class have to guess the shape. We also made some cubes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks!! We had to think carefully about the number of faces, sides and corners of a cube.