Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween Data Chart

Today for Maths we made a data chart of our favourite Halloween things. It was great fun and we had to wait until near the very end to see which thing would win!!The witches and bats were battling for 1st position, but in the end the bats won!! We talked about how the bats were the most popular, and how the ghosts were the least popular. We counted how many children chose each thing, and how many more children would be needed to pick the skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins and witches for them to draw or win. We are very good at interpreting data charts now!!!

A visit from Tom Cuffe, the Birdman

Thank you so much Tom for visiting our class recently. Tom showed us some great origami birds and then told us lots and lots of interesting facts about birds.
We learned about the biggest bird in the world and the biggest in Ireland, the smallest birds, the birds with the longest wingspan, the birds with the biggest and smallest eggs, the birds who can fly the fastest, dive the fastest, tallest birds and lots more.We were shown how to make our own origami birds.
We had a fantastic morning with Tom and we learned so much.
We are all so interested in birds after Tom's talk. 
Thank you so much Tom! 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween Art

We made these spiders using clay today. We had great fun banging out the clay on the table first to remove the air. Then we moulded the clay into a ball and squashed it between the palms of our hands. We added googly eyes and used a pencil to make the nose and mouth. We then carefully stuck 8 legs on using pipe cleaners. We will paint out spiders black when they dry fully and go hard. 

We made these cool skeletons for Halloween. We also learned a poem about skeletons.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn nature walk

We went on a nature walk and collected sycamore, horse-chestnut, oak, beech and ash leaves. We also collected conkers from the hose-chestnut tree and helicopters from the sycamore tree. Afterwards, we did some leaf rubbings. 

A visit to the church

We went to visit the church beside our school last week. We saw the altar, tabernacle, lectern, baptismal font, organ, crucifix and  beautiful stained glass windows. We prayed for our family and friends. 

Apple Printing

Have a look at the apple printing we did recently. We painted a tree first and then we dipped apple halves into paint and made the apple prints.

Our hedgehogs

Have a look at the lovely hedgehogs we made.


We love sorting activities.

Shape game

We learned all about 2-d shape recently and we love playing the 2-d shape game.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A visit to the Bottle Bank

We went to visit the Bottle Bank adjacent to our school today, as we have been learning all about recycling in class. Teacher brought some items for recycling and we had to help her to put them into the correct bin. Teacher said that we are VERY clever indeed!! We saw that there was a separate bin for white, brown and clear glass. We also saw the clothing bank and read the items they would like us to put into it and also the items that they don't want.We are taking great care in class to re-cycle all the items we can.