Wednesday, 17 December 2014


 An African Hut
We are learning all about Africa at present. We made these huts as we saw some pictures of some African huts. Firstly, we painted a toilet roll yellow. Then we cut out a circle brown (for the roof).Teacher showed us a clever way of turning our circle into a cone. Lastly, we glued on the paper roof and covered it with straw. A big thank you to Conor's dad for bringing in the straw to us. We were also able to use it in our nativity crib. Erika's mum will be coming in to us tommorrow to tell us some more about Africa. 

Our Nativity Play - Christmas with the Aliens

We performed our Christmas Play yesterday for all our Mums, Dads,relatives and friends. Everyone said that we did a marvellous job and teacher is SO very proud of us. Here we are in our costumes, just before the performance. We also performed the play for all the Juinior and Senior Infant classes in the school, as well as for all the First and Second classes. 

Three KIngs

Mother Mary

Mother Mary and Saint Joseph

Our four aliens who landed on planet Earth. They were to find out the true meaning of Christmas

Three angelic angels

An Innkeeper

Three shepherds(who took great care of their sheep!)

Our 2 narrators along with the teacher (a.k.a. Miss Flaherty!!!) Hollywood surely bekons!!

Our angel Gabriel

An Nollaig

We LOVE learning Irish in Room 3 and we are learning
 some lovely Christmas songs and poems in Irish presently.Here are a few of our favourites:

Rann – Daidí na Nollag
Tháinig Daidí na Nollag.
Ní fhaca mise é.
Fuair mé a lán bréagán.

Amhrán – Bualadh Bos
Ó, bualadh bos, bualadh bos.
Buailimis go léir.
Tá Daidí na Nollag ag teacht anuas,
Anuas an simléar.
Ó, bualadh bos, bualadh bos.
Buailimis go léir.
Tá Daidí na Nollag ag teacht anuas,
Anuas an simléar. 
(sung to the tune of Jingle bells)

Amhrán – Seo é an Leanbh Íosa
Seo é an leanbh Íosa,
Sa mhainséar ina luí.
Tá Muire agus Iósaf
Agus aingeal ag guí.
Sneachta ar an talamh,
Is réaltaí sa spéir.
Is an leanbh beag Íosa,
Ina luí sa mhainséar. 
(sung to the tune of Away in a Manger)

Gymnastics - Balancing

We had great fun balancing on the beams.When we had mastered this,we made the activity harder by trying to lower one foot down the side as we walked. Afterwards, we played a game of stuck in the mud.

Junior Dina School

Meet Wally. Wally visits our class every Tuesday as part of the Junior Dina School Programme. Currently, in our school, all the Senior Infant classes are participating.Sometimes Dina (the Principal of Dina School!!!) also comes along to visit us. She helps to encourage us to try our best at all times and teaches us about some very important school and classroom rules. Sometimes Wally has a problem and we have to help him to solve it. We are learning so much and we love Dina School.We also use the Green Patrol. The Green Patrol is a great incentive for us to try our best. Each day, everyone starts out in the green, and if we try our best and are very good,we remain in the green and we then get a tick at the end of each day. When we get ten ticks we can pick a treasure from teacher's treasure box.We are always so excited when we get to pick our treasure. Then we begin all over again We have earned so many treasures thus far and teacher says that we are simply AMAZING!!. Last week Wally brought us some sweets, as a treat for being so good, and as a gift for Christmas. Thank you SO much Wally!! In Last week's lesson we learned all about concentrating. We know that it is very important to concentrate in school and teacher explained that good concentrating involves LISTENING FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND HAVING YOUR EYES ON YOUR WORK OR ON TEACHER. We also helped Wally to concentrate, as he was finding it difficult to do so initially, but now he is much better at it. Merry Christmas Wally and Dina and see you after Christmas!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Preparing for Christmas in Room 3

We are learning all about the Christmas story. We are also rehearsing for our Christmas Play'Christmas with the Aliens', where the story of the First Christmas is explained to some aliens who have landed on earth, as their space ship has broken down. The children are rehearsing for their Christmas play and explain the true meaning of Christmas to them.
We also have both a Christmas calendar and an Advent calender in our class. The Christmas calendar helps us to count down the days until Santa comes (and teacher has put sweets in the calendar and a different person gets a sweet each day). The Advent Calendar helps us to get our hearts ready for the coming of Jesus. Each day we pray for different intentions on the Advent Calendar.

We have put up the nativity scene on our altar in class.

Christmas Art

We each made this beautiful Nativity Crib this week. Firstly, we coloured in this lovely Nativity picture and then we used lollipop sticks to form the stable.

Here we are painting toilet rolls. We also coloured and cut out lovely angels and we stuck the angels to the toilet rolls when they were dry. They turned out beautifully!!!

Advent Wreaths

Waterproof - yes or no?

After a discussion about what waterproof means, teacher showed us various items and asked us to predict whether they were waterproof or not. After we had made our predictions, we got a chance to check whether our predictions were correct or not. We tested rubber gloves, socks, paper bags, plastic bags, wellies, raincoats and umbrellas.

3-D shape

We have been learning all about 3-D shape in Maths. We can recognise a cube, cuboid, cylinder and sphere in the environment. We can count the faces, corners and edges on the shapes that have them and we know that spheres and cylinders can roll easily, but a cube and cuboid cannot roll.We know that all the faces on a cube have to be squares. We also played a shape game where someone had to put their hand into a bag of various 3-D shapes and pick one  and feel it (without seeing it) and then they had to describe its properties to the rest of the class. Whoever guessed correctly got to come up and take the next turn. We love playing this game.We also learned a shape song to help us remember what each 3-d shape looks like.