Monday, 23 March 2015

Planting seeds

We learned all about plants and the conditions necessary for growth. Then we planted seeds and got to choose from 4 seeds of different colours. We watered them after planting and will continue to water them regularly. We also put one planted seed in a cupboard with no light (but we will water it regularly) and we will monitor its progress to see if it will grow in the dark or not. We will compare it to our plants which will be growing in the light. We also have one plant which we will not water (but will be exposed to light) and we will observe its progress also.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The life cycle of a frog

We learned all about the life cycle of a frog and then for art we made these cute frogs.

Sorting instruments into shakers, beaters or scrapers!

We took out the instruments we had in class and spoke about how we made each instrument make a sound. Then we sorted the instruments into 3 categories - shakers (if we had to shake them), beaters (if we had to beat or strike them), and scrapers if we had to scrap them (such as a guiro).

Our favourite animals

We made a data chart of our favourite animals.As you can see the rabbits were the most popular animals, followed closely by the hamsters and then dogs followed by cats.  The least popular animals were fish and birds.

A baby lamb comes to visit us!!

A baby lamb came to visit us last week. He was only a few weeks old. We had great fun with him. 

Sequencing and writing about the 'Three Little Pigs'

After working on the story of 'The Three Little Pigs', we sequenced the events pictorially.
We also wrote about 'The Three Little Pigs'. We are working very hard and we always try our best to do neat writing. Teacher is very proud of us.

Labelling the parts of a house

We had to label the various parts of a house correctly.

Our favourite things

 We were recently speaking about our favourite things. During show and tell time we brought them in and explained to the class in turn why these things were special to us.

My favourite runners!!!!