Saturday, 25 April 2015


We have been learning about sound.We played a listening game where 6 children had to shake a box in turn and we all had to listen carefully. Each box made a different sound when shook, as each box had a different item in it. Then 6 other children were given an item and they had to try to match it up with the box which they thought it belonged, based on the sound it made. Lastly, six other children revealed what was in each box. We matched all the sounds correctly. What a clever bunch we are!!

Skipping with Lee

We had a fantastic skipping lesson with Lee this week. He taught us some tricks to help us with our skipping and it was terrific fun. Skipping is a great way to keep fit.

Yoga classes

We have been having some Yoga lessons every Wednesday. We really enjoy them.

We made a lever

We have been learning all about push and pull forces in class. We thought that it would be fun to make a dog with a waggly tail that sticks its tongue out. We discovered that we could do this by creating a lever. Have a look!

Spring lambs

We made these lambs in art this week. We had to carefully roll strips of paper to make the fleece and then we stuck on each individual strip. We also coloured the background.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hurling with Ryan

We have hurling with Ryan every Wednesday morning. Our hurling skills are really developing and hurling is one of our favourite things to do.